Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Based upon article written by HUBSPOT Introduction Imagine a world where you could start the sales process by selling to your best-fit, highest-value accounts. No wasted time working to market and sell to unqualified leads who aren’t the right fit for your business. Meaning, you could move straight into the phases of engaging … Read more Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

How to Best Contact Your Prospects

Introduction The life blood of any business is new prospects. But it has become harder to reach them. Using emails has become less effective because many do not open an email from someone they do not know, even if they do, they may not respond to your offer. You need to examine your email and … Read more How to Best Contact Your Prospects

9 Items to help you succeed in your business

Introduction When you are running any business sometimes things get on top of you and you don’t know where to turn for advice. I send out a weekly blog on various subjects related to running a small business as I do. This week I have nine suggestions for things you could do to succeed in … Read more 9 Items to help you succeed in your business

Providing Good Customer Service

  .Introduction Having been involved in serving customers for 50 years, I think I have some idea how to deal with customers. In my days at Boots The Chemist in England they taught me that the “Customer is always Right, even when they are wrong”. This adage has been my foundation in serving customers. In … Read more Providing Good Customer Service