5 valuable Pandemic Business Lessons

Introduction In these challenging times, all of us in business must change our plans and the way we operate in the “New Normal”. Here are five tips that you can use to keep yourself on track to getting your business back to something like what it used to be. Don’t try to get everything back … Read more 5 valuable Pandemic Business Lessons

Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Based upon article written by HUBSPOT Introduction Imagine a world where you could start the sales process by selling to your best-fit, highest-value accounts. No wasted time working to market and sell to unqualified leads who aren’t the right fit for your business. Meaning, you could move straight into the phases of engaging … Read more Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Setting Goals

{!firstname_fix} If you are starting a new business venture take advantage of my 50 years in business. I have worked in multiple organizations and at all levels from basement to penthouse. I believe in practical application, you can get information from books but you must take action to get results. Setting goals is premier. If … Read more Setting Goals

We Bet First Time Managers are yet to get these Tips

We Bet First Time Managers are yet to get these Tips 13 September 2020 |  12:40 utc This article published by ONPASSIVE for more information click here. Introduction It’s a challenge that managers face transitioning from an individual contributor who performs well to a leader who must continue working on current responsibilities and lead others. Many first-time managers … Read more We Bet First Time Managers are yet to get these Tips

Tips for starting a new Business part 2

<h2><strong>Tips for starting a New Business</strong></h2> <h3><strong> <img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-160″ src=”https://familyrelationsstudents.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/sign-pen-business-document-48148-300×199.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”199″ /></strong></h3> <h2><strong>Part 2</strong></h2> This follows on from Part 1. <strong> Read it here </strong> <h3><strong>Your Goals</strong></h3> Have you ever wondered how you can become more satisfied in life – how you can enjoy life more than ever? <ul> <li>Clarity accounts for probably … Read more Tips for starting a new Business part 2

Tips on Starting a New Businesss

Authors note over the next few weeks I will be publishing extracts from my new book. Tips on Starting a Small Business. Chapter 1 Starting Introduction If you intend to start a business, there are various government rules and regulations to consider. I have started five businesses over the years, both physical and on-line. Some … Read more Tips on Starting a New Businesss

How to Best Contact Your Prospects

Introduction The life blood of any business is new prospects. But it has become harder to reach them. Using emails has become less effective because many do not open an email from someone they do not know, even if they do, they may not respond to your offer. You need to examine your email and … Read more How to Best Contact Your Prospects