Setting Goals


If you are starting a new business venture take advantage of my 50 years in business. I have worked in multiple organizations and at all levels from basement to penthouse.

I believe in practical application, you can get information from books but you must take action to get results.

Setting goals is premier. If you don’t know where you are going how do you know when you have arrived?

This was my problem for many years. I just drifted along. I had 23 jobs in my first 10 years at work after leaving school. My criteria then was to find a job I liked, I was not concerned about the money or prospects. As soon as I found a job not to my liking I resigned and looked for another job.

Eventually, after I got married, I decided I ought to set some goals.

Once I knew where I wanted to be it was easy to chart my course and find the work that would help me achieve my goals.

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Ronald Streeter

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