How to Best Contact Your Prospects


The life blood of any business is new prospects. But it has become harder to reach them. Using emails has become less effective because many do not open an email from someone they do not know, even if they do, they may not respond to your offer. You need to examine your email and calling systems to make them more responsive. Here are some tips on how to achieve this, I would welcome any comments from you and suggestions as any other ways to get prospects to respond.

How do I get prospects to respond?

First, you must do the following.
– By establishing familiarity, credibility, and trust.
– Your reader resonates with you and your teachings.
– You have a good balance of content and offers.
– You are consistent in your messaging and cadence.
– Your content is perceived as high value.
– You offer solutions and strategies relevant to their needs, interests and wants.
– Your emails is interesting to the reader.

There are three categories that you need to attack:

– the relationship
– the timing/frequency
– the content

Creating great content

Let’s focus on the content, and how to create content that meets these criteria. Here are 4 simple steps:
Step 1–Identify your target market’s greatest problem
Step 2–Identify why are they having the problem
Step 3–Based on why they have the problem, what do they need?
Step 4 – Create content in various forms to address these needs.
Step #1 – Identify the greatest problem of your target market.

This will be the very CORE of the solutions you provide, some examples may include:
– “They can’t lose weight and keep it off.”
– “They are having a having a hard time getting a job.”
– “They can’t build their businesses.”
– “Their marriages are suffering.”

YOUR ACTION: Identify your target market’s greatest problem. This should be in the negative and keep it singular (the core problem.

Step #2 – Identify “why” they are having this problem.

Explore ALL the reasons they are having this problem.
For example, if your target market can’t lose weight and keep it off, it is because:
o they don’t have a solid strategy and plan–they don’t know what to do.
o They don’t have the proper education.
o they can’t do it alone.
o Their negative self-talk sabotages them.
o They have a poor self-image and maybe even self-hatred.
o They may have addiction issues.
o They have poor self-care habits.

YOUR ACTION: Identify why your market is having this problem. First list all the reasons, even if you do not provide solutions. There may be opportunity to add to your offerings through these insights, or partner/refer others who specialize in these areas.

Step #3–What do they need to solve their problems?

This is where you think of solutions to address their needs. Here are a couple examples:
– If your Thanksgiving turkey is dry every year, you need some tips on how to cook a moist turkey.
– If you keep hooking the golf ball every time you step up to the tee, you need some strategies on how to help eliminate your hook.

Put, this is what it is about Identify the PROBLEM. Provide a SOLUTION.

Back to the weight loss example, you may say that given your market’s greatest problem, and WHY they have that need, the solutions they need are:

o they need strategy and plan.
o They need proper education.
o they need accountability.
o They need tools to help eliminate the self-talk that sabotages them.
o They need to be taught way to learn self-love.
o They need strategies to manage their addictive tendencies.
o They need to be taught how to make themselves a priority and do proper self-care.

YOUR ACTION: Identify the solutions your ideal client needs based on why they have their problem. What they need is the ‘flip’ of why they are having the problem.

STEP #4: Create content in various forms to address these needs.

Ideally you want this content to fall within these categories:
– Chum – Free content with no offer. Pepper it where your target market hangs out.
– Free offer – Offer a valuable free resource for your prospect’s name and email.
– Nurture – Continue to build relationship through consistent communication that addresses your prospect and client’s needs, interests, and wants.
– Products, programs, and services – Solutions based products and services at different price points to serve your clients’ different needs and budgets.

YOUR ACTION: Plan out your content strategy, develop, and deliver consistently. Create your content strategy to generate income. Create chum, free offers, and nurture content that lead to a product, program, or service.

These steps are the “GOLD” for your business. Many things change around building a business as technology evolves, cultures change, and global events occur. But one thing that is always tried and true in our industry is the necessity of creating and maintaining relationship with your clients and prospects.
And that is done through CONTENT.

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