10 Tips to Improve Your Productivity


1. Where possible, automate

Many tasks within any organization can be automated to a greater or lesser extent. There are many applications available to release you as a small business owner from the tedious but necessary task.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) once promised a glittering, automated future. Now at last the dream is becoming a reality. AI is now bearing fruit allowing the automation of many business processes to streamline operations. Examine the potential for automating tasks within your company to free up more of your time.

2. Outsource your social profile

Social media is now one of the essential planks to help your business to grow and survive. But it takes considerable time and effort to keep it up to date. Consider that your time is too valuable to spend trying to understand the world of online promotions. There are plenty of specialist agency that will take over the task and not be too expensive. In the long run it will save you considerable time.  These social marketing agencies will look after all your social media accounts. This include the posting of regular, interesting content on your behalf.

3. Protect your files and IT infrastructure

Your lifeblood is the IT infrastructure. You rely on your IT networks influence to provide you with effective business communications. Do not take risks with your IT network. Give the responsibility to a trusted IT management company. They have the expertise and knowledge to take care of all your IT needs and the cost is well worth the effort.

4. Do your accounts online

Nowadays it is not necessary to have your own accounting dept. Many accounting processes can be handled easily using small business accounting apps. Most companies can cope with day to day needs, if necessary, you can hire an accountant for final, end of year tax accounting.

5. Customer support

Looking after your customer is an absolute essential, without them you have no business. But support is time-consuming. It’s vital in terms of maintaining your reputation. If you try and do it yourself, you may find that you are being bogged down with customer support calls and emails. The solution is to outsource the first stage of support communications to a third party. They will look after the front-facing side of inquiries. Many will use bots that will answer most of the queries. Those that cannot be solved will be pass the critical details on to you to resolve the issue.

6. Delegation

As a business owner you will be tempted to try and handle all aspects of running your business, yourself. This is counter-productive and bad for your health. Most likely you will become completely overwhelmed and lose your business. You should spend your time on other, more critical tasks. Delegation is essential no matter how you feel that only you can do the best job. Select the best people, train them correctly and then let them get on with the job. Number one rule of delegation is Keep Away. You have given someone a job to do so let them do it. Learn to delegate to maximize efficiency.

7. Plan your day

As I mentioned before running your own company normally means wearing many hats at once. Even though this is an essential part of your role, stop jumping from task to task. This destroys your productivity and gives you stress. So, rather than allowing yourself to be distracted, plan your day. Diary your manageable tasks and give them specific times during your day. Ensure that you stick to this timetable, only deviate if some critical situation arrives.

8. Prioritize the Tasks

All your tasks are not of equal importance. You need to analyze them with a clear head. Within a short time, it will become clear that some are more critical than others. One solution is to spend some time the evening before planning your day. Write down every task that needs to be done tomorrow, then list them in terms of their importance. Then select the top three most important tasks. Then do those three in order, do not do anything else. You will soon find that by following this system you will have a clear idea of what needs to be done and in what order.

The advantages of Priority Setting:

·         You won’t forget your task

·         Gives clear focus

·         Tackle Important Job First

·         You won’t get stressed

9. Remember you create your reputation

Every relationship is valuable especially so in business. You never know where a job may lead. The smallest job you do can end up, resulting in repeat work or recommendations to other companies. It is essential to treat each client (big or small) with the same level of care and attention. You never know where the work might lead.

10. Take care of yourself

Previously I mentioned your health, well-being, and happiness. This is more relevant to your company’s success than any other factor. If you’re mentally alert, well-rested and have a generally positive disposition, then the rest will almost always fall into place naturally. Looking after yourself is the essential key to performing at your best and making a successful job of everything you do.

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