Being Grateful Part Two

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Being Grateful is Beneficial.

Improve Your Health:

The fact that there is a mind-body connection means that by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings in your gratitude journal you are helping to improve your physical and mental health. Studies have shown that regular gratitude journaling can:

• Relieve stress and anxiety
• Improve sleep
• Gain perspective

Create Optimism:

Some days it’s just too hard to see the wood for the trees. You’ll find yourself focusing on something that has upset you and that troublesome thought will nag away at you constantly. Taking some time to sit quietly and think about something you are grateful for will help reduce the negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with positive ones.

Improved Sleep:

Regardless of whether you feel the need for eight hours sleep each night your body and mind do require a regular amount of sleep each night for optimal mental and physical health.

Keeping a gratitude journal is fun, calming and a positive activity that promotes happy thoughts and feelings. By replacing worry and stress, you can sleep more peacefully and have happier dreams. 🙂

It’s Fun:

Keeping a gratitude journal should be a fun enjoyable experience; something you look forward to. It doesn’t matter whether you use a plain notebook or a really fancy one, you can jazz it up by using different colored pens or pencils, or even decorating the pages.

If you want to create a positive change in yourself and your life, then keeping a gratitude journal is just the tool you are looking for. It’s cheap, easy and very beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Be Selfish.

The next point may at first seem to be contentious and it is you must learn to be Selfish. Immediately you think back to your childhood and remember your parents, teachers saying to you “Don’t be selfish” so we share out toys and candy and do as we are told.

But when I say selfish, I am using it in the way that Shaelyn Pham does in her book The Joy of Me or the Art of Being Selfish. She says that we need to fill our internal happiness “bucket” before we can give out happiness to others. If we are empty how can we help others be happy and empty bucket can fill no one’s cup. So, she says you must engage in self-care in other words doing the things that you love to do, spending time with people you like, having a rewarding relationship with others.

The message is that you cannot rely on others to make you happy it is your responsibility not theirs. You cannot say that you want a better relationship with someone but they have to make the first move but what you are really saying is that you want a different kind of relationship. It is you who have to must make the move to make improvements, progress and changes to make your life better.

Have time for yourself.

Having time for yourself is essential so you can relax and unwind, some of us need more than others. Your friends are one of your support mechanisms they help you to share your good times and bad times. It may seem selfish to use your friends to support you but friendships are a two way thing, they support you and you support them.

One possible problem is when one of your friends need your undivided attention so you must say no to others while you look after the one who needs you most. This type of selfishness is good for you and them.

Of course you are probably aware, especially if you are married , that relationships take work, they do not happen without you doing something. At some point your relationship may become stale because you have known each other a long time and think you know everything about each other. Not True.

Do you remember this song?

If you like Pina Coladas

I was tired of my lady, we’d been together too long.

Like a worn-out recording of a favorite song
So while she lay there sleepin’, I read the paper in bed
And in the personal columns there was this letter I read
‘If you like Piña Coladas, getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
I’m the love that you’ve looked for write to me and escape’
I didn’t think about my lady, I know that sounds kinda mean
But me and my old lady had fallen into the same old dull routine
So I wrote to the paper, took out a personal ad
And though I’m nobody’s poet, I thought it wasn’t half bad
“Yes, I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne
I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tape
At a bar called O’Malley’s where we’ll plan our escape”
So I waited with high hopes and she walked in the place
I knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curve of her face
It was my own lovely lady and she said, “Oh, it’s you?”
Then we laughed for a moment and I said, “I never knew”
“That you liked Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne
If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
You’re the lady I’ve looked for, come with me and escape”

Rupert Holmes

This story is the story of many relationships and we need to find out these things we didn’t know or had forgotten. It’s important that you keep the communication channels open because over time we all change.

What your partner knew of you before may not be now true, of course you can change your mind but the important thing is to make sure that your partner is aware of your new thoughts. Love each other, enjoy each other’s company and make time for each other but remember a relationship is a living breathing creation by two people.

Now we have been grateful to our families, friends, workmates and everyone we come into contact with, but we have forgotten the one person who is responsible for us.

The Creator in my case that is the Lord God, He made us gave us this world, gave us our talents, our looks and we should be eternally grateful to Him.

So I suggest you be grateful every moment of the day from waking up to going to sleep. Here is a ritual you could follow as I do.

When you wake up have a 5 minute meeting with your spirit, their are only two members you and Him.

  • So start the meeting by reading some scripture or spiritually uplifting book. I read 2 minutes from the Bible and read the whole book in a year!
  • The next item on the agenda, it is a meeting, is to write down everything you can think of that you are grateful for, at least 5 things and 10 or more if you can.
  • Next write down all the things you would like God to give you, these things must be written as if you already have them so you are being grateful for what God has given you even though they have not materialised yet, they will!
  • Item 3 is to stand up and say:
    Dear Lord these are the things I am grateful for – and then read aloud everything that you have written. This may sound silly because we know God knows everything but he will not act until we ask him to, so now we are thanking him for what he has done and what we know he will do. Obviously some things we ask for will take longer than others to materialise for example if we want sufficient money to pay the bills that will happen quicker than if we want a mansion.
  • So the last item is to thank the lord and say and so it is.

As I said before every time during the day something happens that you believe the Lord had a hand in, as successful presentation, a sale or whatever be grateful and thank Him.

At the end of the day before going to bed you have another meeting with God. This time you thank Him for everything he did today and be grateful for whatever it was, read another piece of scripture and then you can go to bed with a peaceful mind.

Being Grateful is good for everyone.

So in conclusion being Grateful is one of the most powerful emotions we have and the more we use it then the more we will appreciate what God has done for you and in consequence He will do more and more in the future, like people He appreciates being thanked and will therefore be more willing to help you.

Yes, be grateful.

• Express Gratitude for everything in life.
• Express gratitude to all the people who have helped you and have been with you in this wonderful journey called life.
• Express gratitude to all the people who challenged you, for making it tough for you. They have helped you become stronger and confident.
• Express gratitude to all the people who serve you food and make food for you.
• Express gratitude to God for giving you such a wonderful life.
• Express gratitude for everything in life.

When you express gratitude, the universe also responds to you accordingly. Let’s Affirm: “I am grateful for this wonderful life” You can also say, “I am grateful for…….. “ add whatever you want to express gratitude for.

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