Being Grateful Part 1.



When did you last say to your spouse or significant other, thank you for being with me thank you for loving me thank you for being there for me I love you!
We sometimes forget to be grateful for our helper, teacher, friend, lover because we see them every day and we forget how wonderful they are.
Also when did you, last say to your children, I am grateful that God sent you to me to look after and nurture so that you will become a great citizen of Gods’ earth.
And children when did you last say that you are grateful to your Mum and Dad for looking after you, feeding you, giving you clothes and more importantly loving you. They need to know that you are grateful for everything that they do, and it will make them very happy.

Being Grateful is good for you.

Being grateful is not only great for you emotionally but also for the receiver, remember the last time you said to someone that you were grateful for something they did or said, how did you feel? You probably felt a warm feeling coming over you, because being grateful is a powerful emotion both for you and the receiver.
When you last visited a store or restaurant did you thank the server with emotion or just as a rote and did, they reply the same?
To be grateful you must have the emotion as well. When I visit a store, I always try to find a small compliment to give them, how they look, their smile, their speed of service. Just look at their face when you do so, they will glow and smile with real purpose, not a fixed smile that they normally have.
I have spent many hours and days serving people and mostly they say nothing or a mechanical Thank You with no feeling. When the customer comes along who tries to thank me or smile or make a small compliment, I feel so great. No matter how dreary the day had been up to that point I was lifted and had a new step, a new energy and the next customer gets the benefit.

Be Grateful at Work.

Similarly at your place of business the same thing applies, we all work to make money for the things we want and sometimes we don’t like our job or our boss or our fellow workers so we get through the day and leave as soon as possible.
Surely that is not the way to live. We spend half our life at work so should not we make it as pleasant as possible. So tomorrow when you go to work do this:
Walk in with a smile on your face, Yes, Smile and laugh often. Do not allow anyone to snatch that beautiful smile of yours. What happens when you smile at someone… in return you will get a smile. Similarly, the moment you put a smile on your face in your difficult times… the universe also smiles and responds to it positively. Smile, it increases you face value.
When we are not happy and smiling, how can we make others happy? How can we expect others to approach us? greet everyone by name, maybe shake their hand, ask them how they are doing and leave them with a smile. I bet the first time they will think you must have won the lottery or had a good night out but do it every day and see what happens. By the end of the week as you walk in they will smile and light up expecting your greeting and being ready to participate in the conversation, you will be the light of the office.
Note you should do this even if you feel not so good that day, remember to fake it until you make it, you will find it is so easy to do.

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Who is the Grumpy One?

Now every workplace has the grumpy, the one who is determined to be unhappy and tries to make everyone else unhappy. They probably have some problem or something happened in their past to make them so, so your job is to make them happy.
How? By greeting them even more enthusiastically, shaking their hand, giving them some compliment on how they look or some piece of work they did yesterday. Initially they will think you have gone mad but keep it up and eventually they will begin to thaw out and everyone in the workplace will love you for making them happy.
Gratitude is a wonderful emotion and you must practice it every day and with every one including your boss, who you may dislike, or your manager who is over bearing. I promise you that your unfailing gratitude and happiness will eventually break them down and they will look forward to seeing you and it could do wonders for your promotion chances.
When you do get promoted don’t whatever you do change, I have seen pleasant workmates become complete ogres when they get promoted, you stay the same and keep your staff or team happy and you will have the best team in the company.
When I was a team leader, some time ago, I was always looking for ways to keep them happy and in return they would give me a great job. One little thing I introduced was a small stuffed Penguin. Not much of a toy but I used it as an incentive to my team, the one who got the most orders that week became Chief Penguin and they had the animal on their desk for the next week.
So, you may think that is not much to give someone an incentive. Well let me say the person who won it was incredibly grateful for the recognition and it became quite a competitive prize and the number of orders went up by 15%.
So when you next go to work and you want to increase the income or whatever they do, then come up with some simple solutions to show how grateful you are for all their work.

If I may give another example, back in the 1980’s the IT market in UK crashed and I had no work so I drove a taxi for 2 years until the market improved.
One of my regular drives was to pick up 3 so called delinquents and take them to the training school and then take them back home again. These boys were aged 12 and 13 and had a history of troublemaking. So, on my first day they wanted to smoke, not allowed in a cab anyway, then they started using foul language, not in my cab.
After a few days I said to them that if they obeyed the rules while in my cab I would see if I could get the school to let me give them a treat. So, I approached the school head and he said I needed to talk to the social worker.
So, I made an appointment and told her of my idea to give the boys a visit to McDonalds at the end of term if they behaved in my cab. She went away and spoke to whoever and said ok, but I was responsible for their behavior. So, I told the boys and they agreed to the conditions. For the rest of the term they were great we talked, and I let them play their horrible music. At the end of term on the last day I took them to McDonalds after school and they were great, no trouble. After they had left school they sometimes called and told me how they were doing. I felt good and hoped that I had made a small effect on their lives.
Research has shown that being thankful is a beneficial habit. And keeping a gratitude journal is an increasingly popular tool used by those seeking to improve themselves. So here are my five reasons to keeping and maintaining a gratitude journal:

Changing Thought Patterns:

Studies have shown a strong mind-body connection. When we are feeling stressed, anxious or another negative emotion it can have a negative effect on our physical health.
By considering those things, events, or people you are thankful for you are creating positive thoughts and feelings which will help reduce stress levels. It will also remind you that whatever happens to you there is always something to feel thankful for.
Your commitment to your gratitude journal refocuses your mind on positive events, conversations, and relationships. This enables you to see more than just those negative ones that tend to fill your mind and dominate your thoughts when they happen.
Another way your thought patterns will change is that you will find that you start pushing boundaries and removing limiting beliefs. This will happen as you not only keep your gratitude journal but also review it. You will find that your mind opens to new possibilities and you gain in self-confidence and knowledge.

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