3 Tips to make a Good Sales Pitch


I can imagine many of you cringe at the thought of having to make a good sales pitch. I think it is second in difficulty to making a presentation.

Both mean you speak to people, directly.

I know of many business owners who will gladly give the task to anyone willing to take it on, but it does not have to be so.

Here are three tips that can make you into a salesperson, maybe not a great salesperson but one who a confidently talk to prospects without stumbling over your words.

To have a THRIVING business you must become an excellent salesperson.

Your business cannot grow and flourish unless you are able to attract and close sales with consistency and in ever-growing numbers.

Let me start by saying – Anyone can learn to sell regardless of their personality type.

You may think otherwise, having struggled for years to sell. Let me say that all

You need to do is master your mindset. Many activities in life are governed by your mind if you you’re your mind something it will do as you say.

This coupled with a few sales skills will show you how to make Sales

Have Confidence

As I just said Confidence is the #1 key to making more sales! Without having a confident mindset, it will be a constant struggle to grow your business.

I have 40 years of business sales experience and the following tips are what helped me to make a success of selling.

They worked for me and if you apply them; I know they CAN work for you, too!

1 Develop Clarity

The first tip is to know what you are about.

Picture yourself having a sales conversation with a prospect. You usually start talking about your business and what you do and how you do it.

First, remember that you are trying to help the customer get what they want. They do not particularly care what you do or how you do it.

Often the conversation will just wander around in a circle. Because you have not yet discovered what this prospect might need or want. And more importantly, how you will provide value for them.

The important thing is that you are speaking from your heart.

Now you have a clear understanding of what your customers and prospects want and

Need. How they feel about their problems, and what is causing them pain and frustration.

You know the value of what you have to offer and how you deliver it; you are confidant your customers will receive the highest value from you.

Having this knowledge means you can transition into the closing flows easily. Because you now have the confidence to close the sale.

When you have clarity, you can help your prospects define their problem and show them how you provide the best solutions. Your sales will close easily, abundantly, and stress free.

A Vision for your business

Secondly, you need to know

  • Who you are?
  • The “why” of your business
  • Who your business serves?
  • What keeps your prospects/customers up at night?
  • What problem(s) you solve
  • How do you solve their problems?
  • What outcome they can expect
  • Why you – why would they choose to do business with you

When you know who you are, you can speak with clarity. You will be able to speak with confidence and authority.

You will be closing more sales and it will not be an effort, it will be effortless.

Suggestions for Good Customer Service go here.

2 Always Have a Plan

Never make a phone call, presentation, or attend a networking event without a plan!

Start with the end in mind! Set an intention of what you desire the outcome to be. Then create a road map to get there.

For example: If you are attending a networking event, what outcome do you desire?

  • Collect contact info from likely prospects
  • Gather info from influential connections
  • Ask current contacts for introductions
  • Set appointments with prospects
  • Connect with possible business contacts
  • Decide the outcome you expect (there can be more than one).
  • What actions are required
  • What supplies if any will you need?

By planning, you will arrive organized and confident.

Set an intention for all your client/prospect interactions. Before picking up your phone to call a prospect determine what is your desired outcome? When you are creating a presentation be clear on the outcome before you create it.

What is the next step you want your prospect to take? Do you want them to commit to another call, an appointment, attend an event you are hosting, or sign a contract? Know your intention and how you expect to get them there.

Understand your sales cycle and the steps it requires resulting in a sale. Always create an alternative and be prepared if your prospect is ready to buy now! How many steps does it usually take to get a yes? Always start with the end in mind and work backwards. To create your sales map (plan) and know how you are going to move your prospects through your sales cycle.

This may seem difficult at first, but with a little practice you will find it easy. Having an intention (outcome) and plan clear in your mind will allow you to focus on that – instead of your selling discomfort. You will be amazed at how quickly your confidence will improve from knowing where you want to go with your prospect and having a simple plan to achieve it. Your confidence will flow naturally and easily, and your results will soar!

3 Master Your Sales Language

Your sales language must resonate with your prospects and customers and be attractive to them. You want them to understand that you “get” them and only you have the best solutions to their problems.

It takes time to develop the language you use. Do not become discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t provide you with the results you hoped for.

You should not speak in a manner that is unnatural to you, to become someone other than who you are. But developing and using language that is “attractive” and convincing to your prospects will make a tremendous difference in your bank account balance at the end of the month.

Here are my top secrets to masterful sales language:

  1. Create an outline for your enrollment (sales) conversation and presentations.
  2. Always remember to keep in mind what outcome you desire.
  3. Always listen for words and phrases used by your customers that are different from what you would usually use.
  4. Be sure to include what they say in your communication. And, in your marketing and direct conversations.
  5. Always address your prospects “hot buttons” in your communications
  6. Focus on the outcomes your prospective clients desire.
  7. Do not get bogged down in explaining your processes–focus on what is in it for them.
  8. Develop powerful questions and listen at a deep level to their answers. If you ask the right questions, they will tell you how to sell them!
  9. Using stories to overcome objections eliminates the need for a hard close and drawn out “overcoming objections” impasse.
  10. Practice until it is natural to deliver your sales conversation.
  11. Always focus on serving them!

Remember – You do not have a business until you sell something.

What is next?

There is so much more that goes into mastering your sales, but I hope these tips are a suitable starting point for you.

Sales is an immense challenge for many missions driven business-owners and can be an ongoing struggle. Unfortunately, it is a MUST DO for any business. The success of your business is dependent on the success of your sales!

Just plan and practice.

Looking for help? then go here for advice.

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