Do you want to get into Affiliate Marketing?


With the chaos and hardship caused by the Covid-19 Virus. Many people are wondering what to do.

Many have lost their jobs. Even if they get their job back or find another one, the thought is “How can I prevent this happening to me again”?

Many years ago, I lost my job, and I determined that nobody again would have the power over my life. So, I founded my own business in Education. Having my own business meant that I could now do what I wanted. When and where I wanted.

I traveled the world teaching people about computing and business administration. I met many types of people. Some were happy in their jobs. Others were not and were thinking what to do.

Over time, I qualified as a Life Coach. I helped many people to understand where they were and what they had to do to reach their goals.

Now I use the internet as my classroom and help people to set goals and then to work to achieve them.

What can I do instead of being employed?

If you think about it, there are many areas of business where you can be your own boss. Most have advantages and drawbacks.

Just think of the people or situations, you encounter every day.

When you wake up in your suburban home what comes to mind in the way of employment?

  • Be a Real Estate Broker.
  • Be an Insurance agent for all those home buyers
  • Be a supplier of gardening projects e.g. pool installer, garden designer, garden maintenance.
  • Open a retail store, selling those things you are passionate about.
  • Supply other stores with products they need to sell.
  • Open a limousine hire company.
  • Be a wedding planner.
  • Be a consultant in an area you have expertise in.
  • Become an internet marketer!

Pros and Cons.

All businesses in general have the same or similar challenges and rewards.

  • Money.
  • Contacts.
  • Time.
  • Finding somewhere to conduct your business.
  • Developing a system to deliver your product or service.
  • Finding suppliers for the products or services you are planning to deliver.


All businesses need money to start. You need money for Premises. Stationary, Furniture and Rent. How much money you need will have to be calculated. Then find sources to provide the money. You may have money of your own in savings or investments. It may or not be enough. Either way you will have to do something.


To do business, you need customers. You may have contacts from your previous employment, your social circle, and your family. These can form a basis for your customer base.


If you think you can run a business in a 9 to 5 way, you are mistaken. You will have to work many hours, days and weeks with no vacation. Depending on your success over years, you may not have to spend so much time, but it will never be a normal hour’s job.

Finding somewhere to conduct your business.

Where are you going to conduct your business? It depends on the business. Some businesses do not require premises, for example, you can work from home as a real estate agent, insurance broker, gardening services.

Others will need a fixed place like a store or an office. As you need your customers to come to you.

Developing a system to deliver your product or service.

This will depend on your business. You need to design or develop a system that provides a way of getting your products and how to deliver them.

Finding suppliers for the products or services you are planning to deliver.

Some will be product based so you need to find suppliers etc. by means of getting the product to where you are based or to where your customer wants it.

If you are supplying a service again, you need to have the resources to deliver that service.

Using the Internet.

The easiest way to make money on the internet is using Affiliate Marketing. Over my many years on the internet I have tried many affiliate marketing programs. With poor results, none of them helped, I have never made one sale!

I gave up affiliate marketing and retired gracefully.

I saw an advert that promised a Free Website with Free Hosting and a Free Trial.

I gave the affiliate marketing game one last try. Boy, am I glad I did.

Check this out here.



Ronald Streeter

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We receive commission on purchases made through links on this page/in this email

We receive commission on purchases made through links on this page/in this email


2 thoughts on “Do you want to get into Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Hi, I was drawn into your article when I started reading the introduction and gave your story. I found how you became a Life Coach admirable because you did not give up – you found your solution for that point in time. Reading through to the end, I must say you have done a great job providing through detail about Wealthy Affiliates. I am sure this will be valuable for many who join through the information you have provided.

    • Thanks very much. all entrepreneurs suffered failure, bankruptcy and many challenges but the answer as you say is never give up. I wish you well with your business ad if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Ronald Streeter


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