Best Business Planners for Small Business and Entrepreneurs.


As a small business owner creating and sustaining companies is a tough job.

You have set your business goals and now you must achieve them. One of the tools you need is by using a highly rated planner. Your aim is to take your company to the next level, so you need a planner that does the same thing.

Your planner must strictly lay out and tracks goals. One thing you need is that your planner will have large notes sections. This is to record important information about your projects daily.

You need to compare several factors such as the length of notes sections, goal tracking, habit tracking sections, etc. You need a planner that keeps pace with you, and more importantly, keeps pace with the business world.

Choosing the Best Planner for Entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs are adept at setting a goal and achieving them. They may not even write down their goals and they can keep track of a packed schedule with ease.

Unfortunately, most business owners are not in this class. Therefore, without an excellent planner. Most entrepreneurs miss meetings and have unreturned phone calls and emails. Many new businesses fail (About 50% fail in 2 years).

According to the Small Business Association, 30 percent fail within the first year, a further 50 percent fail within the first five years and 66 percent won’t make it past the decade mark. Many of these failures may be attributed to a lack of planning.

This is good reason to choose a business planner. A planner is vital to your success. Select a planner that helps you to organize your days, weeks and months in a manner that works for you.

Many people really respond to having daily and weekly goals and priorities. This helps them to be more efficient and stick to their goals.

In addition, there is a significant benefit in periodically reviewing wins and losses. This gives you the information you need so that you can improve personal and organizational performance.

Some of the features that a good planner has is being easy to use. Look at the thickness of the paper, a quality binding and lies flat when it is open. At least two or three bookmarks, is a good idea as well. Other items are the importance of blank pages. This simple feature can be a gold mine for goal setting, tracking deadlines and expenses and much more.

Clever Fox Planner – Top Planner for Entrepreneurs

There are three versions of this planner.

Clever Fox Planner Weekly

      • Format: Weekly
      • Cover colors: 10 colors
      • Type: Undated (Start anytime)
      • Lasts: 12 months
      • Paper weight: 120 gsm

Clever Fox Planner Pro

Clever Fox Planner Daily

  • Format: Daily
  • Cover colors: 10 colors
  • Type: Undated (Start anytime)
  • Lasts: 6 months
  • Paper weight: 120 gsm
  • Each version of the Clever Fox Planner features a sleek and stylish design.

These planners are essential if you are trying to balance your professional and personal efforts. With enhanced layouts that you need to keep you on track in every aspect of your life. The Pro planner is ideal for the busy professional.

Each edition of the Clever Fox Planner includes monthly and weekly layouts to aid with long-range planning. At the beginning of each week or month. You can see what is coming up and set some goals and priorities.

At the end of the week or month, you can reflect on what went well. And what could use some work. The result is continuously improving performance that will foster your professional success.

 IFocus Productivity Planner 2020

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily layouts that target your most important projects and goals.
  • Weekly layouts provide an overview, project tracking and timed entries
  • Daily layouts focus on project tracking, notes, scheduling and preparing for the next day
  • Use the Project Planning pages to clarify a goal, make a timeline, track deadlines, make monthly and quarterly plans and more.

The iFocus Business Planner features various layouts, for business professionals. This planner covers just a 10-month period.

The cover is a sturdy, leather-like navy blue. With dimensions of 9.2” x 6.7”. You will be able to take this planner everywhere.


The iFocus Business Planner has amazing features. With many blank pages in the back and well-thought-out layouts. That need to help you overcome procrastination, you will find that you are getting more done than ever before.

 Legend Planner

The best planner for business owners helps you to stay on top of your schedule seven days a week.

The Legend Planner also helps you to achieve a better balance between your personal and professional lives. For those people who feel like they do not have time for a personal life. May like the goal-setting exercises in front of the journal. You will find helpful layouts for enough months and weeks to cover one year. Set your goals and plan the steps you will take to achieve them.

  • Personal and professional goal-setting tools
  • Keep track of all meetings and teleconferences with ease
  • Achieve greater clarity by using the reflection exercises
  • No room for an hour-by-hour daily schedule


Accountability is a major concern for all entrepreneurs. It is critical that they not miss a deadline. And they do not want to risk disappointing customers. The Legend Planner helps you to stay on your best professional game while not neglecting your personal life.

GoGirl Planner and Organizer.

The GoGirl is one of the best planners for entrepreneurs because of its sensible design and chic aesthetic. This one-year planner is undated so they can start it at any time. Begin with the layouts in the front of the book. To reflect on where you are and where you would like to be in one year.

List all your goals for fitness, your relationships, and your business before choosing five that you will focus on first.

With the GoGirl Planner, you will build positive habits that help you to better balance your personal and professional lives.

Use the “My Strategy” and “Daily Rituals” layouts to make a step-by-step plan for your business, then use the monthly and weekly layouts to track your project.

You will be able to keep up with meetings, consultations, budgets, teleconferences and more.

The thick paper ensures that ink does not bleed through to the other side, and reviewers say that the exercises in the front of the planner help them to focus and get productive.

  • Stylish design
  • Functional layouts
  • Helps to build positive habits and productivity
  • Compact size may make it challenging to record events in detail


The GoGirl Planner is small at just 5.3″ by 7.7. But some people love its portability. With a pen loop, three bookmarks, an elastic strap closure and a page of stickers, this planner have everything you need to hit the ground running.

 Blue Sky 2020 Planner.

  • Monthly layouts for planning
  • Weekly layouts for greater detail
  • Each monthly page has a coated tab for easy navigation
  • Yearly overview calendars and pages for listing contacts are included

This dated planner is set up to be straightforward and easy to use. This is an affordable alternative for entrepreneurs on a budget.

The pre-printed pages are filled out for January 2020 through December 2020. It depicts each month on a two-page layout with plenty of room for writing notes. Weekly layouts also span two pages and include space for all seven days, Monday through Sunday.


This basic, affordable planner may be ideal if you are not looking for a lot of frills and inspiration. However, you may not like that there are no daily pages or pre-printed hourly entries.

Artfan 2020 Planner.

  • A list of holidays
  • Annual calendars
  • Monthly and weekly layouts easy to read

The best planners for business owners, allow professionals plenty of latitude for creativity. At 5.75 by 8.25 inches, this offering is portable.

Its straightforward layouts give you just enough guidance to navigate the year. A chic black cover, elastic strap, and pen holder make this planner convenient and efficient. Between the covers, you will find monthly and weekly layouts without a lot of fuss.


Although the cover is beautiful, this remains a basic offering. If you are looking for uplifting quotes, guidance for project management or goal setting tools. You must go with a more sophisticated planner.

The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner.

  • Exercises designed to set and define goals
  • Guided meditations for brainstorming
  • Blueprints for building a website
  • Month-by-month goal-setting maps

This is one of the best planners for business owners, who are women. Written by Natalie MacNeil, this product is more than the average planner. The author describes it as “a canvas for your dreams and goals.”

This is a stylish offering, but it is not a planner in the traditional sense. It is more like a workbook. In which the user completes exercises with the object of defining and clarifying professional goals.

It is important to understand that this product is aimed at someone who is just getting a business started. It has most suited to an individual who is still grappling with a basic business idea. If you are already up and running, this is not the planner for you.

Those who are looking for direction and inspiration and prefer a creative approach will love this planner.


An excellent product for women going into business. This is not the average planner. You will need a more traditional, calendar-style planner to go with this workbook.

The Ultimate Authorship Planner

  • Expense trackers
  • Daily and weekly word counts
  • Calendars for planning a detailed schedule

From author Audrey Ann Hughey comes a planner that is designed with writers in mind. This planner is a bargain for the aspiring writer, who is determined to get published.

Creative professionals may use this entrepreneur’s daily planner to boost their productivity. It has layouts for tracking word counts by the day and week. And for creating yearly plans for writing and publishing.

It aims other valuable layouts at tracking expenses for tax season. And developing and editing checklist. This undated planner also includes space for book promotions, advertising, and social media marketing.

Perhaps the only downside to this product, is that it is only for authors. Other professionals need to look elsewhere.


This planner is a marvelous resource for authors of all skill levels. Professionals in other industries will have better success with a different planner.

Now You Decide.

There are many more planners from budget to expensive. you need to ensure that you purchase the one that is most suited to your business. follow the suggested rules and you should finish up with a tool that will make your business successful.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. I need to get planners. I honestly not a very well-organized person. I tend to do things in flexibility since I’m just a stay-at-home mom with one child only.
    I just started building a website and would like to make it as my online business which I’m hoping to be successful and can generate a steady source of income for me.
    So, you are right. In order to be successful in building our business, we should start from organizing our work. By having a planner we can see our to do list and make sure we can finish things on schedule and achieve our goals.
    I’ll get one soon. Thank you!


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